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  • Hot Toys is a Hong Kong based production house for designing, developing, and manufacturing highly detailed collectible merchandise to worldwide markets.

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1:20 Ma.K. - Brick Works' Mercenary Woman Space Pilot A Inner Suit Ver. (figure conversion)

1:20 Ma.K. - Brick Works' Mercenary Woman Space Pilot A Inner Suit Ver. (figure conversion)

It is a little bit funny that my first model kit "work" in the MA.K. realm is only a figure, as part of a diorama project for the first Powered Armor.

The figure is from the VERY nicely detailed 'Ma.K. UP' series of female 1:20 scale characters from Brick Works, AFAIK sculpted or at least licensed by Kow Yokoyama himself. For reference, check the original box illustration on pic #1, for the original look of the figure.
Even though they are not cheap, these figures make nice diorama staff, and since 1:20 scale figures are hard to find at all I ordered a couple of them, including this pilot figure. This figure is supposed to go with a Wave 'Snake-Eye' kit, plus a mechanic figure, in a small hangar/workshop scene.

In parallel to the ordered figures, I also got hold of the 'Maschinen Krieger Profile 2: Snake-Eye' source book in a local Japanese book store (I am gifted with a very big Japanese community in my home town, with approriate resources!). If you want to know more about the Snake-Eye's origins and inspiration for the Wave kit - go for it! Excellent stuff, highly recommended!

Well, beyond hard Snake-Eye facts, the source book also contains pictures of the Japanese model Demura Minae in a kind of pilot outfit (see pic #3) made up from a diving suit, a pilot helmet and some props (looks yummy!). Since I was not totally convinced by the original pilot figure's look, I decided to modify the figure towards this sexy Demura Minae outfit ;)

As mentioned above, the Brick Works figure is of superb quality and detail (all of them!). Just to give you an impression: even the shoes' profiles are engraved in fine detail! Beyond excellent material and surface it is well balanced - in order to stand freely without support - and comes with almost no cleaning work.

For the intended conversion, I would not change the original hairdo and the caucasian face. But the main modification were elongated body suit legs (see pic #2) for which the small original holster (or whatever it is?) had to go from the left leg. To sculpt the new suit I used nitrous putty, adding seamless 'shorts' to the body suit. Additionally, and a bit inspired by Evangelion plug suits, I added 3 pressure vents at the shoulders and on the breast of the suit.
The rest of details was added from scratch, e .g. the air hose and mask (including a microphone cable, just as on the Demura Minae picture) and the new bigger holster/bag on the upper leg with strappers. Here, parts from leftover 1:35 scale military figures and masking tape found a new home. On the back, I also added a zipper extension, just like the ones you typically find on diving suits for ease of pulling them on and off on your own. This was also made with masking tape, painted red.

I suppose that the suit Demura Minae wore during the shooting was all black, but that was a bit too dull and simple for my taste. Closer inspection of the various pictures of this original diving/surf suit revealed a lot of subtle details, therefore I just painted some stretching material areas in black. Most of the suit's rest received a very dark brown tone, with lighter highlights and medium brown trim on the arms, as well as thin contrast lines between the black and brown areas. The differences are very subtle, and I was not totally able to get the light for the pictures right to make it more visible. In sunlight the differences become clearer.

The figure's skin was painted with Testor's Skin Tone Light (but it could have been a tad darker, due to the smaller scale than character figures I normally use it on!), shades and contrasts set with sepia ink.
The hair started with Testor's Rubber (a dark, reddish brown) and then highlighted with Humbrol's 100 (Red Brown) and 132 (Crimson) - a nice contrast to the dark brown suit and the olive drab holster/bag. Finally, the figure received a coat of semi-matte varnish, on order to play with light reflexes on the dark surface.

The orginal 2 part white metal helmet was retained and not modified. It was polished with a brass brush, and the shiny metallic look with painted red contrasts on top make another nice addition to the dark suit - I did not want to use the matte olive and black model from the shooting (see #3).

Overall I am very happy with the result - especially because the figure has now a lot more details to offer, and I hope that it will make the diorama scene more lively!

Cloaked Figure & Masked Demons, Edit F

Cloaked Figure & Masked Demons, Edit F

Series: "ETHEREAL"
Category: Fine Art
Genre: Smoke Photography

A white cloaked (shrouded) figure among masked demons.

Please see the larger image for more details.

hot toys figures

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