Cool Toys For 9 Year Old Boys

cool toys for 9 year old boys

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cool toys for 9 year old boys - Neewer Portable

Neewer Portable Mini Water Spray Cooling Cool Fan Mist Orange

Neewer Portable Mini Water Spray Cooling Cool Fan Mist Orange

Orange Water Spraying Cooling Fan

Cool off and enjoy the blistering summer heat with this orange cooling and spraying fan. Simply plug in some AA batteries and fill the lower half of the fan with water and you won't hesitate about spending a day out in the sun again. The fan features soft plastic blades that provide safe ample fanning and a spray nozzle right below the fan to produce cool refreshing mists. It's perfect for outdoor activities, sporting events, and traveling. Beat the heat today and get a cooling spray fan!


*Soft and powerful plastic blades coupled with spray nozzle delivers coolness in an instant

*Separate On/Off switch for the fan

*Sleek and light weight design, fits easily into a bag or backpack

*Screwdriver included for easy and convenient battery appliance


*Color: Orange

* Power Supply: 2 x AA Batteries (Not included)

*Length: 10.5 "

*Weight: 8.75 oz

package contents:
1 x Orange Cooling Water Spray Fan
1 x Screwdriver

85% (14)

Looky what I found!!!

Looky what I found!!!

Check this out!! I found it last night, well sorta.

Interesting story.

Or at least moderately entertaining.

When my Dad passed away I was having a very hard time wrapping my head around anything. I couldn't complete sentences, thoughts or really function at a normal level. This is when I decided to start getting into photography again, which preempted my original 365 project. My parents neighbor heard about this and when we went over there for a bbq she handed me this. At the time I was still messing around with my point and shoot and thought this was very cool, but extremely overwhelming. So I placed it back in its bag and tucked it away in my closet.

So yesterday I was digging out some props and threw this bag on my bed. Later I was going through some things and thought I'd look inside the bag since I had completely forgotten what it was she gave me in the first place. And to my surprise this bad boy popped out!!

I dont know much about it other than its a Fuji SLR 35mm film camera. The body and the external flash seem a little old so I'm guessing 80's or early 90's for the year. But there is no battery erosion, no scratches on the lens or body and it still works perfectly with a couple new batteries. The lens on it is a 50mm f 1.9, such the perfect lens for a toy like this.

I was so excited to find it, and to see that this time I know exactly what I had in my hands. A year and a half later and I realized I've learned so much because of Flickr and I couldn't be more thankful for that :)

Pristine UFO Jigsaw Shape Puzzle 1979

Pristine UFO Jigsaw Shape Puzzle 1979

This UFO puzzle is in AMAZING condition! All pieces are accounted for and it isn't your average rectangle shape, its is amorphous. The puzzle pieces are in wonderful condition as well. The internal box has one side flap that the tape has come apart on but the external box is great! The graphics on the box are fabulous and would look so cool on a shelf! This would be a great gift for that cute geek in your life!

48 pieces
approx 9"x20"

The night Ronald was abducted by aliens he gave up mixing his hard liquor and beer for ever. (my story followed by my son's)

Well, the night they had a party the space explorers saw a glowing object that looked like a flying saucer. Ronald stooped stirring his soda and told the others about the aliens. The second night it appeared and aliens came out carrying all kinds of plants, it is still a mystery. Written by my 7 year old son, Aiden and company.

cool toys for 9 year old boys

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